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Ever since school started I feel like I have no time to go on here. Which is kinda funny considering I hardly ever study and I don't have much hw to do. Anywho, not much has been going on. My entire summer was completely boring!! But finally my mother decided to plan a short getaway (which I SERIOUSLY need!!!) to Tampa. I really wanted to go to Orlando to do HHN but HOS came out to be a little cheaper. It's cool though. I haven't gone to Busch Gardens in years and I always wanted to try HOS. I heard it's a little more intense than HHN anyway. So I will finally get the chance to make my own comparison. The trip which was supposed to be just me, my bf and my little brother turned into us 3, my mom, her bf, and my little brother's gf. Talk about a couple's weekend! But rest assured my little brother and his gf will be sleeping in separate rooms lOl. I'm actually really excited. With all the drama that my family has been going through, we haven't had a chance to plan little vaca's. 

Mi Madre and her bf (actually her fiance' o.O) are also planning another trip in Dec to Tenn. lOl..I haven't gone there in forever. TBH I didn't really like it..too much trees lOl. And being from South FL we don't see much trees. Except along the highways lOl. What sucks is that she wants to go up there for xmas :( Her bf has family up there so we might spend time with them but also do other things up like Dollywood lmao

ooh I might finally get to go on another cruise! I wouldn't be til next June cuz of conflicting school schedules but at least we're in the sorta planning stages. Ahh I can't wait. The good thing about my mom being with her bf is that he likes to vacation which means I get to come along for the ride lOl and my bf too which is nice

okie doke well I g2g to class (blek!)
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