.ashley. (xoqbanteaseox) wrote,

My head wants to explode

Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. I always get nervous about that cuz when I get sick I don't just have strep, or just nasal congestion. NO!!  I get it all. First it's the bad strep, which then gives me the worse nasal congestion/runny nose. I swear when I sleep, I sometimes just leave tissues on my nose so that I'm not being woken up by the constant feel of snot dripping out of my nose..sorry if I'm disgusting you but we've all gone through it. So then after the runny nose and fevers, all the mucus that was i my honker go straight to me chest. Which I don't understand how tat happens since I feel like I rip my nose off with all the blowing. So then I get the wet caugh so I can hack up all that crap and finally it becomes a lovely dry caugh where no matter what I do, I'll always have that fucking tickle in my throat and it won't go away.

Luckily I'm only on the extremely runny nose. I think you all can relate when i say that being sick as a dog and going to school sucks ass. Especially when your nose is runny as hell. I think we're all mature eough to understand that when we see someone wiping their nose with a tissue every 5 secs it's not really disgusting..I mean yes it's snot, but rather they use a tissue than their hand. Not to metion that they're probably uncomfortable as hell. But when YOU are the one that's sick in class and you have to wipe your nose every 5 secs, it feels kinda embarrassing. I was sitting in my macro class and luckily I brought enough tissues with me. But the class is so uberly packed. And I always feel like people are watching me lOl..what was worse was that after a while I realized that i didn't have enough tissues. For some reason my nose is acting like a leaky faucet and I just couldn't wait to get the fuck out of my class. I would've just walked out and blew my nose but it's really annoyig when you're sitting in a packed, small auditorium and sitting in the middle-upper level to get out of your seat and walk through all the people in your row. So yea that was my torture.  Thank god I have a roll of toilet paper in my car

I don't even want to be here. But the fact that I have 4 classes today made me just have to deal with the drowsiness, sore throat, buring nose, and my head that feels like a hot hair balloon. Not to mention that I have to be here for another 6 hrs. I hate fridays..can't believe this is the day I had to get sick. definitely thinking about calling in sick tomorrow.
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